Meet the CEO

Hi, I’m Deronda (Dee) Lewis, Founder of Sheccessful.

I have struggled with weight my whole life. I remember being about 15, wearing a size 14 and because everyone around me was 8’s and 10’s, I felt ‘ENORMOUS.’  I remember my mother telling me once that she and my sister were going shopping and unfortunately since they wouldn’t have my size there was no need for me to go. She did come back with a black outfit for me and told me this would hide some of my weight (the outfit was cute) but it instilled in my mind the power of wearing black.


I have tried every diet on the market: The cabbage diet, the apple and peanut butter diet, the all protein diet, the carb diet, the boiled egg diet, the water diet and the shake diet, nutri-system and Personal Trainer Food.

I have gone to Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Slim 4 Life. I’ve tried the doctors pills and the vitamin B shot. I even went away to a boot camp where they worked us out 7 hours per day. I say us, because my girlfriend went with me; I’m glad we still speak and can actually laugh about it.


I have lost enough weight to cover a few blocks, unfortunately, I’ve gained it back much faster than I lost it!


Today, I recognize that the issue is not with the diets, the food, or even the workouts. IT’S ME AND MY MINDSET! You see, somewhere along the way, food became my friend. It has not always been a good friend but it has always been a constant friend.


Over the years, I’ve spoken with women from all walks of life and heard the same story over and over again; I need help, I need a partner, I need accountability.


Have you have had these conversations? If yes, let me introduce you to Sheccessful, a women’s support group. We not only work to lose weight, but work on our habits and attitude towards food, workouts, loving ourselves, loving each other as sisters and learning to support each other. 


If you’re looking for a great group of women who will support you as we work on ourselves, don’t wait another minute. Hit the join button today.


I don’t BELIEVE you have to be better than everybody else- I do BELIEVE that you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.